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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

● Do you have any accommodation?
No, we 
don't have any accommodation to our guests.
You can check to find accommodations near us. 

● Do you have any adventures available in May-November?
No we don't have. Our reindeer herd is roaming free in the forest in spring, summer and autumn.
During that time there aren't any reindeer at the winter place. 

● Is the place easily accessible?
There is always snow at the winter place, this makes the walking little bit heavier but it's still easy to walk. 
Also if you choose the 2 h adventure, that includes the coffee break, you are going to sit on the ground in the traditional lávvu-tent. 

● Is there a road to the place?
There is a car road (road 857) to our winter place.
And a parking spot to park the car close to the winter place.

● What are the payment options?
We can only take cash (EUR or SEK) or Swedish Swish. 

● Do you offer reindeer sleigh rides?
No, we don't offer reindeer sleigh rides.
But you get really close to the reindeer herd.

● Do you have a toilet at your winter camp?
Yes! We have an "outhouse".

● Do you take volunteers to work at the winter place?
No, we don't :`(

● How is the typical winter weather?
It can be everything between +2 ℃ to -40 ℃.
If it's really cold day we are going to inform you about it before your visit. But we always recommend you to wear multiple layers of clothing when you visit us. 

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