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Our Story

"Our family have been living side by side with reindeer for thousands of years.
In 2016 our youngest family member Marielle got an idea, that we could welcome guests from all over the world to see our reindeer herd’s everyday life, at their winter place.

Our reindeer herd is free in the forests most time of the year, but every winter we collect and feed them. They spend their winter from december to april  here in Mettäjärvi.

The reason why we collect the herd is that the climate change has made the winter weather conditions hard for reindeer. Besides the odd climate, the old forests have also been cutted down. So we have to collect the reindeer and make sure they have enough food in the winter.
The reindeer herd automatically become tame when we have been feeding them for some weeks. This is a great opportunity for our guests to see near these half-wild animals.
We want to give our guests a memorable experience and show our way to mix the modern life with traditional lifestyle. Welcome!"


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